The Classic Curly

The best curls start off clean. Here’s how to leave them cleansed, shiny, detangled and product naked after just one go:

Step 1: Depending on hair length, gently message a dollop or two of Curl Wash Enhancing Shampoo through your scalp and rinse through to the ends.

Step 2: Go easy (remember – the best curls are handled with care!) and breathe in deeply (this shampoo smells lush with notes of patchouli, lavender and vanilla!)

Step 3: Follow with lashings of conditioner or mask. We recommend Curl Care Conditioner (they make the perfect pair!) and our Over Indulge nourishing hair mask as a weekly treat.

Step 4: Towel dry hair (squeeze or twist dry with a towel as rubbing causes tangles and frizz) and apply Curl Jelly Scrunching Jelly evenly mid lengths to ends

Step 5: Scrunch dry with a diffuser or leave to air dry

Curly Tips: Add volume by scrunching with your head upside down

Add definition by twirling each lock into a spiral

Add root lift by scrunching at roots with your fingers

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