Umberto Giannini are proud to be a Certified B Corp™

Umberto Giannini are proud to be a Certified B Corp™
This means that we meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact, or as we like to put it, we do good business beautifully!

Becoming a B Corp™ certified business was an incredibly proud moment for us all at UG. Making sure we operate in a way that has a positive impact on our planet and the people around us has always been central to our brand purpose, and making the commitment to help drive positive change was the obvious next step. We’re honoured to stand side by side with the family of B Corp™ certified brands, challenging ourselves and others to help create a better world.

B Corp™ shows we care. We care for hair, we care for the environment, and we care for society.


100% vegan, 100% cruelty free, 100% of the time.

Since 1988 when UG was founded, we have been focussed on bringing you fantastic products that are 100% vegan and cruelty free. We have never deviated from that, and we never will!


Natural formulas that work.

We love natural ingredients at UG, and we squeeze as many as we possibly can into every product! We also put strict guidelines in place with all of our suppliers to ensure we have no bad stuff going into any of our products, so you can rest assured knowing all our formulas are safe for you and safe for the planet.


Our packaging promise.

We hate packaging waste, that’s why all of our bottles, tubes and jars are fully recyclable. We are disappointed that currently there’s no option to recycle any of our spray pumps, however this is an industry wide issue which is currently being worked on - as soon as we can we’ll be offering fully recyclable packaging on every product! We’re also working hard to ensure all of our products contain recycled or renewable materials and we’re currently on track to have this in 89% of the range by the end of 2021. By replacing virgin plastic with natural sugar cane and PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials, we’re helping to keep what we can out of landfill.


Clean hair now means clear air.

Not only do we use 100% renewable energy in all of our owned and operated locations, but 100% of the team have worked from home offices since June 2019 and live by a ‘drive less’ policy, helping to keep our carbon emissions lower than ever.


We are #womanmade

We believe in supporting women in business, that’s why 100% of our management team are female. After all, who knows women’s hair needs better? We also offer a supportive work environment to  allow our team to thrive professionally, whilst still maintaining an important work/life balance.


Mindfully made in the UK

We work closely with our small family of UK suppliers to develop all of our products. Not only does this mean that the products have a shorter journey before coming home with you, but we support our supply and distribution network to provide local jobs, giving communities a boost.


We are #UGiving

We’re passionate about making a difference to the world, to achieve this we pledge at least 1% of our annual profits to causes that we care about, such as human rights organisations, beauty banks, environmental groups, women’s refuges, and animal charities amongst many others! We also empower our team with extra time off to support their personal charities.

“Since inception we have been working tirelessly to bring vegan and cruelty-free haircare to the mass market in an accessible and affordable way, mostly without acknowledgment from either trade or consumer but because of a strong deep-rooted belief that putting people and planet before profits will build a business where everyone within it has a pride and a purpose over and above the bottom line. Our mantra is ‘doing good business beautifully’ we are masters of our own destiny and choose to use that power to empower others to feel their most beautiful selves and to do their most beautiful work for themselves, the brand and the wider community. We are so excited to be part of a group of businesses that share our values and commitment to making the world a kinder place. Doing good business is beautiful.”​- Claire Shread, Co-founder

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