Umberto Giannini have been colouring great hair in our award-winning salons for over two decades - but what happens when you want to get the same experience at home? Home hair colouring needs to be quick and easy, whilst still achieving those professional results you’ve come to LOVE.

That’s why we’ve designed Flowerology - salon results, powered by flowers. But how do you guarantee a salon quality finish that will leave you with STUNNING hair? Follow our top tips for achieving complete coverage with your kit and vibrant, bold colours that are straight out of the #hairinspo pages:

Pick a Hair Colour to WOW

Finding the perfect shade for you can be tricky - especially at home without the advice of a stylist! But don’t worry, Umberto Giannini have got you covered - our Flowerology range is designed so that you can pick the perfect colour with complete confidence. We have a colour specialist on hand to answer your questions - simply email

No two tones are the same depending on your current hair colour! That’s why Umberto Giannini have created a helpful swatch grid for each of their seven shades, letting you picture exactly what your hair could look like with Flowerology’s natural colourant. Get ready to be amazed by the results!

Dye Your Hair at Home With Confidence

Colouring your hair is as easy as 1,2,3! Follow our three simple steps for complete coverage that will give you long-lasting colour and a dazzling shine:

#1 Colour Preparation

Beautiful hair is all in the prep! Make sure you everything you need to hand before you start - that includes towels, gloves, your colour kit and instructions! Flowerology’s instructions will guide you through the mixing and developing of your formula, then you’re ready to go!

Comb through your hair and divide into 4 equal sections. Curly girls - separate out hair with fingers rather than comb if needed!

#2 Colour Application

Depending on if you’re just softening greys, or going for a totally new look, you’ll be doing root coverage or all-over-colour! Follow the instructions included and don’t forget to always work from front to back. Massage the colour in to make sure you get that even colour that will leave your hair looking gorgeous!

If you’re looking to soften the appearance of greys, begin your colour application to areas where the grey is most visible - and don’t forget, you can easily remove any colour stains on your skin with regular make-up remover!

#3 Rinse, Seal & Protect

Now to add the lasting shine! Once you’ve rinsed your hair and squeezed out excess water you can condition with the Umberto Giannini Flowerology shampoo - specially formulated for your hair colour. Apply the colour lock conditioner included with your hair dye kit to seal in your colour - giving that vibrant tone that will stand out!

Plus, Curly Girls can choose to follow up with their favourite Umberto Giannini Curl conditioner, ideal for enhancing curls and keeping them bouncy!

Cleaner, Kinder Colouring for Your Hair

Keeping your hair healthy is a priority, which is why Flowerology’s home hair colour kits have been created with natural botanical and organic ingredients to nourish, strengthen and add a long-lasting dazzling shine for a cleaner, kinder way to colour your hair. Shop the range now!

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