7 hairstyle trends you’ll want to rock in 2020

With a new decade here at last, there’s no better time to switch up your look. If you’re looking for something different and new to try this year, then these exciting hairstyles trends for 2020 are perfect for you.  

The bob is back

Ashley Benson On Instagram - Hairstyle Trends for 2020

Image via @ashleybenson on Instagram

Bobs are back in fashion and everyone from Saoirse Ronan and Ashley Benson  to Reese Witherspoon and Kaia Gerber is rocking shorter locks. The timeless classic will get a modern update this year with some choppy layers and slightly longer length, though a straight-cut bob is also on trend. For a more relaxed look, aim for chin level with messy waves. We recommend our Beach range for a carefree tousled look. 

Colour contrasting


Hair Trends For 2020 - Colour Contrasting - Umberto Giannini

Looking for something that’s bolder and little unconventional? Colour contrasting is the way to go. This nostalgic hairstyle trend for 2020 is expected to become even more mainstream this year, following in the footsteps of Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa. These 90s inspired two-toned ‘dos work well for any cut and style, and are a great way to show off your personality. You don’t have to go as bold as Billie. You can pull this off with a slightly darker or lighter colour at your roots. Plus, with our range of vegan hair dye, you’ll be able to get salon results powered by flowers. No nasties.


Shag fringe

Suki Waterhouse On Instagram - Hairstyle Trends for 2020

Image via @sukiwaterhouse on Instagram

Getting a fringe is a divided topic: some people love them, others not so much. We’re in the first camp… we think everyone should rock a fringe at least once! 

A hairstyle trend for 2020 to look out for is a ‘70s style shag fringe. This textured take on traditional bangs is perfect for both straight and wavy hair, and looks chic and effortless. Alexa Chung, Selena Gomez, Suki Waterhouse and Natasha Lyonne are just a few celebs embracing this retro-style cut. If you’re worried that fringe equals frizz, that’s not a problem with our No More Frizz Vegan Curl Serum.


Curly highlights and lowlights

Hairstyle Trends For 2020 - Curly Highlights and lowlights - Umberto Giannini

Here at Umberto Giannini, we love curls of all kinds and we’re so excited to see more and more people embracing their natural curls. But curly girls shouldn’t feel as if highlights aren’t for them. A hairstyle trend for 2020 (and we hope for many years to come!) is highlights. Adding lighter colour dimension and make your hair pop, while adding darker shades create body. Just make sure you talk with your hairdresser about tips and tricks for highlighting curly hair. After hitting the salon, make sure you keep your curls in top shape with our Banana Butter Vegan Leave-In Conditioner.

Pixie cuts

Zoe Kravitz On Instagram Showing Off Pixie Cut - Hairstyle Trends for 2020

Image via @zoeisabellakravitz on Instagram

If you want a dramatic change, the pixie cut is the way to go. This hairstyle trend for 2020 is less high maintenance and more manageable than other styles, plus has a vintage 1960’s feel. Kristen Stewart has rocked a pixie for years, while Zoe Kravtiz just debuted her shorter look a few weeks ago. Even if you have curly hair, a shorter pixie cut is still possible. You just need the right cut, the right products, and a skilled hairdresser to make it work for you.


Hairstyle Trends For 2020 - Bright Coloured Bayalage

A few years ago, balayage was all the rage. And we’re happy to report that it’s coming back in 2020. 

Unlike foil highlights, balayage is a hair colour technique that involves hand painting colour to make it look more natural and gradual. While natural and warm colours will continue to be popular, you’ll also start to see brighter options like blue, pink and purple on your Instagram feed. No matter what colour your hair is, look after it with our Flowerology Colour Care. 

Longer Lengths

Hairstyle Trends 2020 - Longer Lengths


Though it seems like shorter lengths will be all the rage for 2020,  long hair still has its place. We’re seeing more and more people growing out their hair and opting for long layered styles.  

If you’re growing out your hair, natural, vegan ingredients are the way forward. Our Grow Long range helps your scalp to grow new hair. It also slows down hair loss and hydrates from within to make it stronger, longer and healthier looking faster.

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