Heatless Curls Curler Set

£40.00 £28.00
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Heatless Curls Curler Set

£40.00 £28.00
Looking for big and bouncy waves without the damage? Try this luxurious Heatless Curls set, with a vegan silk curler plus NEW & exclusive hair accessories.
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why you'll love it

Looking for minimum effort, maximum bounce? Try this luxurious vegan silk Heatless Curls set. Leave in for a few hours or overnight to elevate your tresses with effortlessly big and bouncy waves. No-heat, no compromise. The curler gives definition and bounce without the need for damaging heat tools… for your healthiest curls yet!

Includes 100% vegan silk curling band and scrunchies designed for gentle, cruelty-free, professional-grade styling PLUS an exquisite Tortoise Shell Hair Clip to complete the style.

Take your own curl styling game to the next level or why not share the hair love by gifting to a curl friend 💖

who's it for

Straight & wavy hair types that want a curl without heat damage.

good to know

Step 1. Part damp hair and use Hair Clip to hold curler on top of your head.

Step 2. Wrap a section of hair around the curler. Smaller sections of hair more closely wrapped with create tighter curls whereas the more widely wrapped larger sections will create a bigger wave. Top tip, wrap hair away from the face for a more flattering curl!

Step 3. Continue wrapping hair around the curler until all hair on each side has been wrapped, then repeat on other side

Step 4. Secure the ends of the hair with hair ties then remove the clip. Leave curler in for 6-8 hours or overnight. Then gently release the curler to reveal beautiful bouncy waves.

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Heatless Curls Curler Set
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