‘What if’ women could wear their hair to please themselves not convention
‘What if’ we made products with a respect for the planet and always vegan and cruelty free
‘What if’ every woman could fall in love with their hair…

We launch amazing products time and time again with a process that we call ‘Suggest and Test.’ Great product ideas always start with a question… “What if…” We always answer a need and provide a solution, sometimes to a problem you didn’t know you had, to make life easier and beauty more attainable. Our community, our ambassadors ‘the UG Girls’ and our stylists inspire and test every incredible product.

Hair is make or break.
A confident hair day is a confident woman day.

We aren’t shampoo makers, we are confidence makers, and that confidence goes way beyond the obvious sass that comes with knowing your hair looks fabulous. We believe that every woman is beautiful, no look is off limits, no problem is unsolvable and no texture is unmanageable. We know good curls. Our deep rooted understanding of curly hair means we know that no two curls are created equal. Tell us of any other brand who makes a ‘scrunching jelly’….exactly.

We love beauty but know it’s more than skin deep, so we think it’s important when you buy a bottle of Umberto Giannini you know what’s in it and how it’s been made.

We test every product in our salons, obsess about every detail of design and sustainability of supply and only ever make products that are vegan and cruelty free. We believe that real beauty and empowerment should not be harmful in any way. We are always looking for the most planet-friendly ways to make quality haricare products that we can be proud of.
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