Overnight Vegan Silk Hair Wrap

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Overnight Vegan Silk Hair Wrap

Wake up to your silkiest hair yet with the vegan silk Overnight Hair Wrap 💤 Protect hair overnight so you wake up to smooth, frizz-free locks.
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why you'll love it

Goodbye bedhead, hello silky smooth locks.

Protect and maintain styles with this luxury overnight vegan silk Hair Wrap. Helps shield the hair from friction, protecting from breakage and split ends.

It's your secret overnight weapon to prevent frizz-induced damage and nourish hair in natural oils for extra moisture boost…⁠🌙

who's it for

All hair types

good to know

Step 1. Scoop hair into wrap - tie up in a bun for gorgeous waves come morning or carefully wrap around to maintain straighter styles.
Step 2. Ensure hair is completely tucked into wrap so it's fully protected overnight
Your secret overnight weapon to protect and maintain styles overnight and prevent frizz-induced damage.

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Overnight Vegan Silk Hair Wrap
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