The bestselling CURL must-haves to enhance, care for and even weatherproof your curls. These are the products to transform unruly curly hair, banishing frizz, giving you manageability and creating bouncy, happy curls. Vegan and cruelty free.

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Curl Jelly Vegan Scrunching Jelly


Curl Jelly Kit


Curl Whip Curl Activating Vegan Mousse


Curl Jelly Care De-frizz Vegan Conditioner


Curl Jelly Wash - 100% Sulphate Free Vegan Shampoo with Vitamin B5


Coily Curls Moisture


Crème de Curl Vegan Control Cream


Weatherproof Curls Vegan Finishing Cream


No More Frizz Vegan Curl Serum


Curl Jelly Vegan Scrunching Jelly Mini


Curl Jelly Mask Coconut + Shea Treatment


Curl Care Enhancing Vegan Conditioner


Curl Wash Enhancing Vegan Shampoo


60 Second Curls 1 Minute Vegan Moisture Mask


Coily Curls Moisture Moisture Recovery Vegan Conditioner


Coily Curls Moisture Sulphate Free Gentle Vegan Shampoo

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