Messy Dressy Braid

Step 1:
Spray a generous amount of Catch A Wave into dry hair. Inrease volume and texture with a blast from a hairdryer. Have a few grips and rubber bands to hand.

Step 2:
Split a section out on your desired parting side from your temple to behind the ear and scalp plait back from hairline to nape.

Step 3:
With the rest of your hair, start making one big loose French-Dutch braid or a standard French braid if that is easier for you.

Step 4:
Loose is key, so don’t worry about making the braid tight, keep it baggy to create volume and a little height at the front.

Step 5:
As you continue the braid, leave some pieces of hair around your other ear - these pieces will be used to create some finer braids.

Step 6:
Secure the big and small braids with elastics at the end, wrap the finer braids around the big one, securing with pins behind the braid so they aren’t visible.

Step 7:
Apply another layer of Catch a Wave and start pulling the plait out to loosen and texturise further.


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