How to use: Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks

temporary hair colour


Wanting to try a hair colour switch-up but not ready to fully commit? Our NEW Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks can help.


Enriched with 97% natural ingredients including Coconut Oil and Chamomile Flower Oil, Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks moisturise and nourish the hair while depositing chic semi-permanent colour pigments – the result? Gorgeous, creative colour with zero damage and zero commitment.


 How to use Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks

First up, let’s start with how to choose your shade. Our Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks come in 5 enviable colours, from soft pastel pink to daring turquoise blue. Your final shade is determined by your hair’s starting colour – the lighter your hair, the more pastel the result – the darker your colour, the deeper depth you’ll get. Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks are designed to be used on light to dark blonde hair – so final shades may vary on darker hair types.


Flowerology Temporary Colour Mask – Rose Peach

A soft, warm peach shade – perfect for adding warmth to blondes.

temporary hair colour 


 Flowerology Temporary Colour Mask – Sweet Violet

A cool-toned purple that’s great for adding a violet hue to platinum shades.

temporary hair colour



Flowerology Temporary Colour Mask – Cherry Blossom

This soft pink hue works best on light blondes.

temporary hair colour



Flowerology Temporary Colour Mask – Forget-me-not

Our gorgeous aqua forget-me-not is striking on blondes.

temporary hair colour



Flowerology Temporary Colour Mask – Pink Delight

The richest of our pink shades, Pink Delight is great for achieving that popping rich pink colour.

temporary hair colour



How long does Flowerology Temporary Colour Mask colour last?

The vibrancy of your final hue depends on how long you leave the Flowerology formula on your hair. The longer you leave the colour on – the more vibrant your colour will be, and the longer it will last. Colour will gradually fade between 2-10 washes.



How to dye your hair using Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks

Apply to clean dry hair. Start by applying the formula from your roots and massaging into the lengths of your hair. Keep adding more mask until hair is saturated.   


For a pastel look, leave in for 15-20 minutes.

For a more vibrant look, leave in for 20-30 minutes.

For the boldest look, leave in for up to an hour.   


Rinse a strand to check you’re happy with the colour before finally rinsing the rest, until the water runs clear.


Tip: Always do a strand test before use. Wear gloves to prevent staining hands. Use a towel to protect clothing.





Are Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks damaging to your hair?

Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks are not damaging to your hair in the slightest! In fact, thanks to their blend of nourishing natural ingredients, they’re a great dual-action product – deep conditioning your hair while they deposit colour. The result? Softer strands and gorgeous, semi-permanent colour.



Will Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks permanently change the colour of my hair?

No, Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks deposit semi-permanent hair colour that will gradually wash out within 2-10 washes. Your shade may fade to a pastel shade before washing fully away.


Can I use Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks on dark brown/black hair?

Flowerology Temporary Colour Masks are designed to be used on light blonde to dark blonde hair colours – this is because darker hair needs lifting before it can take on a different colour, which isn’t possible with non-damaging semi-permanent hair colourants. If you have darker hair, you may get a slight change in hair hue, but lighter hair colours will reflect the best results.


Written by: Chloe Burcham

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