Unwanted frizz can be one of the biggest frustrations of your haircare regime. Unruly hair and humid frizz can put a dampener on even the biggest styles but there’s a solution! Achieve perfect smooth and silky hair with the help of Umberto’s award-winning vegan hair collection and style tips:

4 Of The Best Vegan Frizz Control Products
See the top picks for taming unruly hair and achieving sleek perfection!

#1 Frizz Control Miracle Styling Milk

Calm unruly hair and banish frizz with the Miracle Styling Milk. This creamy treatment is perfect for thick, unruly and dry hair. 100% vegan and cruelty free, try it now!

#2 Creme De Curl Control Cream

If you’re all about your natural curls today, and flatting out over them tomorrow, then you’ll want this invisible hydrating cream that de-frizzes, moisturises and defines natural curls. It also double duties to protect from heat styling - giving you healthier curls for years to come!

#3 No More Frizz Super Serum

Doing exactly what it says on the bottle! There’s nothing that can fight the battle of the frizz quite like a vegan serum, so lay back in peace knowing we’ve got you sorted. Just one slick of this stuff and you and your curls will be back to smooth sailing.

#4 Weather Proof Curls Finishing Cream

Humidity is the biggest ally of the dreaded frizz, so repel the humidity with this finishing cream that will guarantee frizz-free protection, no matter what the weather. Drizzle, humidity, damp, torrential pouring…this weather proof cream will hold out longer than anything else! Try yours today.

Top Tips For Frizz Control
Alongside our miracle hair products we have some essential hair perfection rules to help keep your frizz firmly under control!

#1 Cold Blast For An Ice-Cool Finish

Ending your blow-dry regime with a 15-second blast of cold hair can give you a smoother, sleeker finish

#2 Dab, Don’t Scrub

A furious scrub of your towel when you step out of the shower can lead to unruly frizz. Instead of rubbing at your hair use a towel to dab gently, before sweeping your hair into a towel and letting the towel take extra moisture from your hair.

#3 Keep The Sizzle On Low

Scorching your hair can make it dry and frizz-filled - so avoid over heating. If you are going to turn the temperature on high then make sure to use a generous covering of heat protection serum!

Banish The Frizzy Hair Today
Become the boss of taming hair with just a few squirts of our miracle serums! Banish frizz and define curls with our vegan and cruelty free haircare products. Shop the full range online now!

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